Limo Car Service in Riverside CA

Plans to travel out of the city? Need a ride to a local airport, L.A.X, Ontario, John Wayne, San Diego, San Bernardino & all Southern California.

 If you are in the Inland Empire area, then you should call J & R Limo Sedan Service’s car service to show you the best rides which have been fitted with all the comforts to make your travel memorable with J & R Limo Sedan Service.

For any special occasions such as weddings, homecomings, graduations, you can always rely on J & R Limo Sedan Service’s for a luxurious & safe ride.

Our goal at J & R Limo Sedan Service is that it’s all about style, comfort & great impression. So, the next time you need a stylish ride,  put your trust in J & R Limo Sedan and give us a call.

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